Who is Divine Light::

Photographer of Life, Love and the Fleeting Moment. Founded and Led by photographer Brian Elledge whose background in Fine Art and Action Sports creates the desire to move fast, and capture the moments that only appear for a split second. A glance, a smirk, the loving gaze of a groom for his bride.

“My goal is to capture those most important,
candid moments in a way that blooms with
creativity and romance”

The Style::

Inspired by the old school masters of B&W film photography as well as the New School of modern photographers with their gritty aesthetic, Brian finds a blend and style all his own.

“Every wedding is unique. Every couple special.
I go into each wedding with a clear head and only open eyes to
experience the sights, smells and beauty of each day.”

The Vision::

While giving inspiration or ideas is always welcome and appreciated, a shot list is not. Let us know if you want a photo with your collage crew or your 99yr old granny, thats no problem. But we do not copy or re-create photos, its not fair to you. We want to create photos others will want to copy.

“I am at my best when given the freedom to do what I do best;
Create stunning images that are unique for you on your day”