photo cred: Katie Osgood

Hey! I’m Brian. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been photographing couples in love for over 9 years and still cant get enough of it. I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and I LOVE IT.  Its the best neighborhood IMHO but I’m not a snob. I’ll venture out of Brooklyn for a good reason:)

I am a genuine person and I pride myself on always improving and always staying inspired to create fresh, emotional images. I look for sincerity and connection between my couples as well as every moment they experience on their wedding day.

I love ACTION! I love the fast paced, pressure cooker of the wedding day. I love having to make split second decisions and put things together to make great art. I may be a bit impulsive and in life it may be a bit challenging but as a photographer, its my strongest attribute. Acting without thinking and capturing the fleeting moment as it happens is how I make photographs and its why I create the work I do.

Well, thats a little about me and I would love to meet you too. Let me know if you’d like to come to Brooklyn or setup a time to meet up in your neck of the woods. Cheers!


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