photo cred: Katie Osgood

Hey! I’m Brian. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been photographing couples in love for over 9 years and still cant get enough of it. I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and I LOVE IT. Im originally from Florida so if it’s winter time you may find me a little sad and/or looking for a sunny spot to bask in.

Im kind of a dork and have AMAZING jokes that are funny most of the time. At least to me.

I’m a happy photographer

I pride myself on always improving and always staying inspired to create fresh, emotional images and of course I want to have fun. I want YOU to have fun. Im not going to make you American Gothic (click here if you dont know what that is) on your wedding day unless you are really sad… in which case… don’t hire me to shoot your wedding;)

I LOVE Action!

I love the fast paced, pressure cooker of the wedding day. I love having to make split second decisions and put things together to make great art. I may be a bit impulsive and in life it may be a bit challenging but as a photographer, its my strongest attribute. Acting without thinking and capturing the fleeting moment as it happens is how I make photographs and its why I create the work I do.

Well, thats a little about me and I would love to meet you too. Let me know if you’d like to come to Brooklyn or setup a time to meet up in your neck of the woods. Cheers!


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