Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We call both Tampa and New York City home. We originally lived in Tampa shooting mostly in Florida and traveling to NYC regularly to photograph weddings, engagements, etc until 2012 when we decided to flip it. Now we live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and commute regularly back to Florida when a wedding, engagement session or portrait session is needed. We also have family and friends back in Florida so go back is easy and fun whenever can.

Do you travel?
We do travel and pricing depends on where your’e going to take us. For many destinations in or around NYC and Florida our travel rates are very low or none at all. Outside of New York or Florida our travel rates are very reasonable and basically just cover airfare and lodging. We shoot many wedding per year outside of the US and love destination weddings. Contact us if youre thinking about bringing a photographer along on your destination wedding. You will be glad you did.

How long have you been shooting weddings?
Over 8 years. Our first year in full-time business was in 2008. Since then we have been a part of over 300 amazing couple’s weddings.

Do you have other jobs or is this it?
While we do have personal projects and are always taking photos of everything, wedding photography is our Bread + Butter. We have been full-time wedding photographers for over 8 years and devote almost all our working time to shooting weddings, engagement sessions, portrait sessions and customer service. We also do all our own post-production (editing) as well as album creation and design.

Do you shoot film, digital or both?
The short answer is BOTH. Primarily at your wedding day we will be shooting digitally but we do infuse instant as well as professional film into your day as well. We normally do this as we see fit but if you would like to commission more or even all film, let us know. We’ve don’t it before and we would love to do it again.

What equipment do you use?
We currently shoot with Nikon Professional DSLR’s and a wide variety of lenses of the highest quality. Also we use assorted newer and vintage film cameras.

Do you mind if our family members take photos at the wedding and reception?
Of course not! Tell Uncle Joe to snap away all he wants! We will never tell your family to put their cameras away and their flashes won’t bother me in the least. I do require however that we are the ONLY professional photographer(s) asked to photograph your day.

Do you back up your pictures?
Most definitely! There is no going back once files are lost. We back up your pictures in three different locations!

You didnt answer my question here.
We’re sorry. If you’re questions werent answered here please contact us anytime and we would be glad to answer any and all of your questions. Thanks!

We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step?
Awesome! We are so excited to work with you! To officially book us, you’ll have to sign our online contract and pay a booking fee of 50% of the total package cost. As soon as those two things are in, you’re BOOKED!

Do we have to add albums now or can we order them later? 
You can definitely order your album later! Many of our clients wait until after their wedding and they receive gifts to aid in purchasing their albums. They also like to wait till their online gallery goes up so they can see how many photos they want to include.

Can we have the RAW files?
Nope. I never under any circumstances deliver the RAW files. RAW files are unedited. They would be an unfinished product and I never deliver an unfinished product. Part of the reason (I hope) you love my work is how my photos look and feel. If I were to give away my RAW files that look and feel would not be present so it just doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t like my editing, there are many other wedding photographers out there.

Can I make prints with the Digital Files that are included in our package?
Absolutely! All the photos are high resolution, edited and ready to print. You (meaning the bride and groom only, not for family members) can make prints anywhere you’d like and we’ll give you a list of places I recommend.

Do we own the photos or do you? Who owns the copyright?
In short, we share copyright to the images. As the photographer I own the original copyright since I was the one who created the photo. I extend copyright to you, the client so that you can make prints, albums, post online, etc. Things that you do not have permission for is the sale or use of the images for commercial purpose without written consent by me, the photographer. I also, will never sell or use your images for commercial purposes (other than my portfolio and marketing) without your written consent.

Can I drop a few hours from my package to save some cash?
Saturdays are prime dates for us, so we very rarely accept bookings for less than 8 hours on Saturdays. If you’re getting married on an off-day and are only looking for a few hours, email us for a custom quote, specific to your wedding needs.

We have a break in between our ceremony and our reception. Can we break up our hours?
Our basic package includes 8 consecutive hours of coverage, which means even if there is a break, we’ll only be on the clock for 8 hours. If you need additional hours, you can of course add them on to your package. What if our reception runs later than we expected?

Can you stay ‘till the very end to capture our grand exit?
Of course we can! If we stay more than 30 minutes late, though, you will be billed for overtime and no proofs will be posted until the overtime has been paid in full.